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Offering Highly Productive and Efficient Equipment such as Food Processing Equipment and Chemical Processing Equipment. 


The sole mission of the company is to work as per prevailing market trends and serve customers with coveted business solutions. 

About Us:

We, Varaj Engineering, are the eminent Manufacturer & Supplier of:

Preparation & Processing- Equipments, Plant & Machinery using Latest Technology & Automation

Industries & Items Covered Are:

Agri-produce, Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, Amla (gooseberry), Berry, Tutti-fruity, Soybean, Bean, Peas, Corn, Nut, Cashew-nut; Spice; Turmeric; Ginger; Jaggery; Milk-product; Food; Winery; Fermentation; Animal feed; Powder; Ayurvedic; Pharma; Chemical; Sugar; Distillery; Paper; Fertilizer- Bio, Organic, Compost; Bio-Pesticide/ Fuel

Business Details:

  A.    Mfr, Supply, Installation of: Preparation, Processing, Manufacturing & Preservation-
        Equipment, Plant, Machinery & Systems with Automation, for the following:
  1)    Agri-produce, Fruit (hard, soft, juicy), Vegetable (leafy, fruit, root); Grass; Leaf; Amla (gooseberry);
        Berry; Soybean, Bean; Peas; Corn; Nut, Cashew; Grain; Sorghum; Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic
  2)    Spice, Sukadi; Pickle; Milk Products; Food; Animal Food, Feed
  3)    Jaggery Granules-Powder; Sugar
  4)    Chemical; Paper; Pulp; Cream; Lotion; Paste; Powder; Granule
  5)    Fertilizer- Bio/ Compost/ Organic/ Chemical; Bio-Pesticide, Bio-Composting, Bio-Fuel
  6)     Ayurvedic; Pharma; Health/ Nutrient- Drink, Concentrate & Powder

  B. Plant or Machinery offered for following Applications / Industry: 
  1)    Fruit, Vegetable, Food: De-Hydration & Powder
  2)    Fruit, Vegetable, Corn, Peas: Blanching, Chilling, Freezing (Frozen Food)
  3)    Fruit: Concentrate, Pulp, Jam, Jelly, Juice, RTS Beverage; Tuty-Fruity
  4)    Gooseberry (Amla): Juice (extracted or whole), Pulp, Candy, Chavanprash, Powder
  5)    Soybean: Milk, Tofu, Powder, Roasting, Puffing
  6)    Grain/ Nut/ Pulse/ Seed:
        - Cleaning, Sorting, De-stoning, Grading, Grinding, Pulverizing, Sieving
        - Steaming, Drying, Flaking
        - Soaking / Blanching, Drying, Puffing
        - Cooking, Drying, Baking, Roasting, Grinding
        - Soaking, Germinating / Sprouting, Drying, Grinding
        - Roasting, Peeling, Grinding
  7)    Expelling (oil extraction), Oil treatment; De-oiled cake (pend) Pellets
  8)     Spice (Masala); Sukadi; Pickle making; Cashew processing
  9)     Jaggery: Mould & Granular Powder making
10)    Turmeric, Ginger, etc.: Oil Extraction, Powder making
11)     Milk-products: Ghee, Paneer, Khoa, Ice-cream, etc.
12)     Cold/ Freezer: Store, Room, Cabinet; Blast Freezer
13)    Food products: Ready to Serve/ Eat (RTS/ RTE), Ready to Cook (RTC)
14)    Ayurvedic; Pharma; Health/ Nutrient- Drink, Concentrate & Powder
15)     Animal Food / Feed making
16)    Autoclaving, Fermentation, Distillation
17)    Fertilizer- Bio, Organic, Compost, Chemical; Spherical Granules, Pellets
18)    Bio-Pesticide, Bio-Fuel: liquid, solid (powder, pellets, granules)
19)    Chemical; Paper; Pulp; Cream; Lotion; Paste; Powder; Granule; etc. manufacturing
20)    Tailor-made Processing Plant/ Equipment/ Machinery as per requirement/ specification

  C.    Equipments, Machinery & Systems offered, such as:
  1)     Mixer; Stirrer; Agitator; Disperser; Emulsifier; Homogenizer
  2)     Blender; Kneader; Extruder; Pelletizer; Pan Granulator
  3)    Multi Mill; Roller Crusher; Grinder; Pulverizer; Expeller
  4)    Peeler; Fruit Mill; Chopper/Cutter; Shredder; Grater; Slicer; Dicer
  5)    Juicer, Pulper, Finisher, Liquid Extractor / Separator, Filler / Dispenser
  6)     Washer; Spin Dryer; Vibratory Sieve; Humidifier, Dehumidifier
  7)    Feeder: Screw, Rotary; Belt Conveyor; Elevator: Belt, Bucket, Screw
  8)     Baking Oven; Roaster: Sand, Pan, Drum; Furnace
  9)    Dryer / Dehydrator: Vacuum, Tray, Drum, Conveyor, Spray
10)    Sprouter, Germinator; Chamber/ Cabinet: controlled atm, heating/steaming, cooling, chilling
11)    Vessel: Mixing, Heating, Cooling, Reaction, Distillation, Fermentation, Pressure, Vacuum
12)    Tank; Pan: Open or Vacuum; Kettle: Steam Jacketed
13)    Boiler; Blancher; Cooker; Steamer; Pasteurizer; Autoclave; Sterilizer; Retort
14)    Generator: Steam / Hot Air / Hot Water / Hot Oil / Thermic Oil
15)    Heat Exchanger; Heating, Evaporating; Condensing, Cooling, Chilling, Freezing System
16)     Brine / Water / Air Chiller; Blast Freezer; Cold / Deep Freeze Room

We manufacture above items as per client’s specifications or requirements.
We have complete set up to manufacture above items at our Works.

Total Quality Management:

Owing to stringent quality inspection, testing & trials, the products manufactured by us hold optimal productive worth in terms of finish, design, performance and longevity. Ever since the year of inception, we are able to carry each job with perfection, facing all the industrial challenges with result bound solutions. There is a team of experienced professionals, who work round the clock and ensure to achieve the given targets within the stipulated period. Apart from this, we work as per customer’s requirement and respond to their queries quickly, offering them quality business solutions. All these have helped us to grow in this era of stiff market competition and gain the trust of valued clients.

Quality Analysis:

Being a quality destined organization, we make sure to run organization in an ethical and transparent manner, meeting varied requirements with result bound solutions. All products are manufactured & fabricated by high-grade, duly tested raw material, which makes them durable and perfect for the usage. Furthermore, the products manufactured & components used in them are inspected & tested by various parameters in order to ascertain their optimal use value in terms of design, performance, longevity, stability& productive life. We offer all the products at cost-effective prices without compromising on quality & performance.


Seeing the rise in work and the requirement to carry the business in a streamlined way, we have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure setup. It backs us to undertake and accomplish each assigned job with utmost perfection, meeting varied requirement of customers. Spread over a large area, the production unit comprises latest machinery, helping us to manufacture quality products.

Furthermore, all the other departments of quality, engineering, warehouse and packaging are facilitated with advance resources, looked after by a team of experienced professionals.

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